Sunday, September 15, 2019

Michelle Obama for VICE-President?

It honestly hadn't occurred to me, nor had I noticed anyone else suggesting it until yesterday.

My brother and I were talking about likely Democratic tickets.

I said that at the moment it looks like the ticket will be Biden-Warren (although that could change). He said he doesn't think Warren brings anything to a Biden ticket that Biden really needs, and that Michelle Obama would be the smartest pick.

I think he's right (he's not a Democrat, btw, and at this point really doesn't give a tinker's damn who's in the White House anymore).

There's been some chatter about her running for president, but that seems unlikely. We've already seen what happens to former first ladies who get the top slot, and she doesn't have a resume full of political or CEO qualifications.

On the other hand, in the VP slot, she would very much be helpful in getting two important Democratic demographics (African-American voters and female voters) off their asses and to the polls, and probably especially so in Wisconsin and Michigan, two swing states where a few thousand votes would have made the difference last time.

Then there's the dynasty/Cinderalla story angle: Obama-Biden 2009-2017; Biden-Obama 2021-2029; Obama-? 2037-2045? Heads would be exploding on all sides in both good and bad ways on that.

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