Thursday, September 19, 2019

I'm Trying a Different Mass Market Vape Product

Convenience stores in my area are selling the Vuse Alto (not an affiliate link) for 99 cents. A pack of two pods, which according to various reviews I've read lasts about as long as four packs of cigarettes, was $13.xx, so competitively priced. Got mine yesterday.

First impressions:

  • A better vaping experience than the Juul. For some reason, Juul vapor (of any flavor) tends to induce a cough with any significant inhalation. This, not so much (I'm using the menthol). Decent "throat hit," etc.
  • The pods also seem larger than the Juul -- if the reviews are right, about twice the size in terms of how long they last, meaning fewer changes.
  • The device can be used while charging. No "pass-thru" is a major down side of the Juul, IMO.
I might do a more expansive review at some point. Right now, I'm giving it a few days to see if I can stand to replace tobacco cigarettes partially and then fully with it.

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