Thursday, September 19, 2019

Elizabeth Warren is a Reactionary, Not a "Progressive"

Every chance she gets, Warren touts the way she grew up and how great that was and how we need to get back there.

She was born in 1949.

She hit college just as LBJ was on his way out but also just as his "Great Society" welfare state hit full bloom. She got to go straight from subsidized college to government employment. She seems to think that her experience was 1) typical and 2) the bee's knees.

I barely remember the LBJ era (my first real political memory is Captain Kangaroo getting preempted by Nixon's resignation), but so far as I can tell it was at least materially a pretty shitty era compared to today. That is, most "middle class" Americans didn't live nearly as well back then as most "poor" Americans do now.

If we must have a president, how about one who faces the future instead of promising to bring back the past?

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