Thursday, September 05, 2019

I Can't Believe I Shaved My Legs For This

At the end, Gainesville was supposed to get some wind and thunderstorms off the edge of Dorian. It got a breeze and periodic sprinkles. Not even the usual afternoon shower!

Tom Woods, who lives somewhere closer to the coast down by Orlando, told his email list that his total hurricane damage amounted to a couple of fake plants getting knocked over.

On the one hand, yay. I don't cheer hurricane damage and the possible associated injury or death. I hope Georgia and the Carolinas don't fare badly either.

On the other hand, I suspect there's a "boy who cried storm" problem. That is, the more times we get warned it's gonna be bad and it ends up not being bad, the more people get less prepared the next time. Which will end up with some of those people getting hurt or killed. 

Hopefully over time we'll get more accurate forecasts, and get them earlier.

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