Wednesday, July 25, 2018

So Now the First Amendment is a "Special Exemption" that the State Department can Repeal

That's what the signers of this petition seem to think, anyway:

On August 1st, Defense Distributed plans to release downloadable gun blueprints to make untraceable, undetectable, plastic 3D printed guns. This could mean that anyone, including TERRORISTS, convicted FELONS, domestic ABUSERS and other dangerous people could print their own gun on demand.

If the State Department provides this special exemption, you will not be safe, even in secured areas because anyone could have a plastic gun.

IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES, sign this petition and urge the US State Department to stop this dangerous reality!

Is the opposition to free speech/free press a matter of ignorance or of intention here? Is the general anti-freedomism incidental to the anti-gunnism, or is the anti-gunnism just nice emotive cover for the general anti-freedomism?

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