Thursday, July 05, 2018

Post-Convention Note: Concerning Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith was not my first choice to chair the Libertarian National Committee. Not because of the rumors swirling around him (e.g. alt-right entryist or even Nazi), but because I wasn't on board with his "four-part plan" and did question whether or not he was well qualified to be CEO of an organization with a seven-figure budget.

Smith's supporters were his worst enemies. I talked with him via Facebook several times during the campaign and was privileged to meet him and talk with him several more times in New Orleans. He strikes me as sincere, dedicated, and libertarian.

He lost the race for chair, but was elected at-large to the LNC -- and yes, I voted for him.

Like some say, elections have consequences. He's on the LNC. I hope that those who opposed Josh for chair, or for LNC, will spend the next two years watching what he does there instead of holding on to grudges from the previous fight. If he fails, or if he turns out to not be what he strikes me as, so be it. But let him take his best shot at this instead of pouting and writing a zero on his score card beforehand.

That is all.

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