Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Sad News

A few months ago, The Price of Liberty publisher and frequent KN@PPSTER commenter MamaLiberty privately informed me that she was ill. Dying, in fact. Cancer, aggressive and diagnosed too late to do anything about. I'm sure I'm not the only one she gave a heads up to, and in late June she made it public.

I have it at fourth hand (Claire Wolfe, via Bill St. Clair, via one of MamaLiberty's neighbors) that she has died.

In the "feel really bad about this" category, I see that my last email from MamaLiberty arrived on July 4th and concerned Rational Review News Digest, which she read daily and also often commented on -- and that I missed that email until just now. I'd give a lot now to have responded then. We corresponded  a lot over the years, actually. She was a wonderful human being and a consistent critic of the superstition that some people are entitled to run other people's lives.

I don't think MamaLiberty ever asked anyone for donations to support The Price of Liberty. Or, that I can recall, for anything else. Hopefully her partner/successor at The Price of Liberty, Nathan Barton, will have some ideas as to how we all might celebrate her life. If not, I suggest a donation in her name to your favorite consistently pro-freedom organization or site, especially if it's oriented toward guns and self-defense, an issues set she was especially interested in.

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