Friday, July 06, 2018

Flattered to be Asked, But ...

At this year's Libertarian National Convention, several friends asked if I was considering running for election to the Libertarian National Committee. I did consider running for my region's alternate slot, but two things quickly put me off that:

  1. Steven Nekhaila, the alternate last term, was running (unopposed, I believe) for the main position. Steven is from Florida, and I think it's best to have the alternate be from a different state than the main rep.
  2. I learned that three other candidates (one from Tennessee, one from Georgia, and one from Florida) were running for alternate. All women, and I also think that ceteris paribus, diversity is a plus. So I didn't throw my hat in. Victoria Paige-Lee of Tennessee won.
So, I have had at least three people (two at the convention, one since) ask if I might run for LNC in 2020.

The answer is "probably not." My reasons:

  1. It is the affirmative duty of the LNC to support the presidential/vice-presidential campaign so long as that campaign is run in conformity with the platform/principles of the party. 2016 demonstrated that I don't always agree with the LNC on whether or not that's the case. I'd rather not be on the LNC at a time when there's an active campaign I have to support but potentially might not be able to support. So when and if I run, it will likely be in an off-year.
  2. Serving on the LNC is expensive. Several physical meetings a year around the country, etc. Not saying I'll never do it, but if I do it will have to be after a large increase in my personal income, or after having recruited donor pledges to cover the expense. And I have better things to ask people for money for between now and 2020 than putting me on the LNC.
I am, however, already thinking of making another run for platform committee. I enjoyed that work, and think that I made a positive contribution this time. We'll see.

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