Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Want $10 Worth of Free Stuff?

Just got an email from my preferred razor vendor, Dollar Shave Club (not a referral link).

It says that any new customers I send them can use the coupon code RF218101827CUE91D9608701 at checkout to get a $10 credit.

If I'm reading the fine print correctly, I don't get anything at all out of the deal other than -- if you let me know about it -- the pleasure of having sent to you a fine place where you got free stuff. And hey, that's good enough for me.

I really do use Dollar Shave Club blades (their "4x" mid-level offering) when I use razors. Which, at this moment, is not much because I'm in a "why not grow my hair down to my ass and my beard down to my navel" phase. But that will presumably end before either destination is reached and then I'll be back to shaving most of my face and all of my head every day.

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