Wednesday, February 14, 2018

US Propaganda Infects Associated Press Coverage of Syria War

Opening paragraph of an AP story as it ran this morning in the Midland, Texas Reporter-Telegram:

It's a scenario many feared in the fog of Syria's multi-front war: a confrontation in which U.S. forces, responding to a provocation, kill Russian soldiers or mercenaries on a crowded battlefield.

There is no question of a "provocation" (or, as previous US DoD justifications put it, "self-defense").

Russian troops in Syria are there at the express invitation of the internationally recognized, UN member regime.

US troops in Syria are invaders, there in violation of both US law and the international law against wars of aggression which the US regime claims to support and pretends to be bound by except when it feels like violating it.

In any confrontation between US and Russian troops in Syria, the US troops are by definition the aggressors by the claimed standards of the US government itself. They're like home invasion robbers who complain that the homeowner pointed his shotgun at them after they broke in.

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