Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Me on the Radio ...

I'll discuss my recent Garrison Center op-ed, "A Korean Spring After the Winter Olympics is Unlikely. Here's Why." on Wilmington's WDEL Delaware Afternoon News (101.7 FM, 1150 AM) tomorrow (February 14, 2018) at 5:25pm Eastern.

If you're not in the Wilmington area, the station offers several online listening options, ranging from a live web stream to Android, iOS and Kindle apps.

Update after the interview ... So, anyone catch it? It was one of those very fast affairs with lots of questions and lots of answers. While actually talking, I felt like I was doing pretty well. Of course, afterward I wondered. Did I speak too fast? Did I speak clearly? Did my answers make sense? If you listened, I'd love to have the benefit of your opinion on the performance.

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