Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Brief Libertarian National Platform Committee Update

There's not a lot to tell, but I do want to keep my readers (and my fellow Florida Libertarians) updated as to my activity on the platform committee. So, what's going on right now:

We're finally under way on the process of electing a permanent chair, by email ballot, with a bylaws-compliant voting time of 10 days (which started last night at midnight).

The declared candidates (although "write-ins" are eligible) are temporary chair Alicia Mattson and Libertarian National Committee regional representative Caryn Ann Harlos.

As the acting representative from Florida (I am the alternate, but the actual representative has resigned from the party and all positions in it, which leaves me doing the work), I have cast my vote for Ms. Harlos.


No one can doubt the work ethic of either candidate. Ms. Mattson has held a number of positions in the party and while I often disagree with her, it's not over any perception of lack of effort. While she hasn't been in the party for as long, Ms. Harlos has been incredibly energetic in various efforts, including the party's Historical Preservation Committee.

That said, it is my belief that with Ms. Harlos as chair the committee's work will be 1) procedurally smoother, 2) more transparent, and 3) more focused on improving the platform from a standpoint of clarity, concise wording, and harmony with the party's Statement of Principles in a way that the national convention delegates will be inclined to support.

The next step, if I am not much mistaken, will be deciding whether or not to have a pre-convention committee meeting in meatspace, and if so where and when. My best guess is that if it happens, it will be in May and in Chicago or Atlanta, but those are just guesses.

Thanks to all of you who boosted me as a candidate/participant in this committee's work. I look forward to getting past the necessary set-up and to the guts of the thing.

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