Monday, February 05, 2018

Is Anyone Actually Surprised?

According to the Nunes memo, the FBI took a folder full of "minimally corroborated" campaign oppo research compiled by a foreign former spy on behalf of Donald Trump's political opponents, and a Yahoo! News article based on leaks from that same guy, in front of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge for the purpose of getting/renewing a warrant to surveil a former member of Trump's campaign team. And they got their warrant.

Assuming the memo is reasonably accurate ... why would anyone find that surprising?

As of 2013, that court had granted 35,434 requests for warrants and denied a whopping 12. Not twelve hundred, twelve.

They probably could have gotten their warrant -- in fact, they've probably gotten a warrant before -- with a dog biscuit and an old copy of Air Supply's Lost in Love as their "probable cause" exhibits.

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