Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Note Apropos of "The Next Thing?"

In a previous post discussing the possibility of setting up a Discord server, I noted that the younger generation seems to like Discord. It also seems to like Twitter and a whole bunch of dedicated apps for talking with each other.

I've noticed that my own kids (19 and 16) don't like email.

Recently, I got added to a Yahoo! group/email list for a committee I'm serving on, and some of the younger members seem confused as to how email discussion lists and web-based "group" fora like Yahoo! Groups and Google Groups work.

Are email discussion lists and bulletin-board style web-based "groups" going away?

That is, if snail mail and print publications were the horses and buggies to email and web being the Model T, are email and web the Model T to Twitter/Slack/Discord, etc. being the '57 Chevys, 1977 Trans Ams, and 2019 Mustang Bullitts?


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