Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Well, It Happens

I just had a note from a newspaper editor whom I will not name regarding today's Garrison Center op-eds (here's a link to the Steemit version because I like sending people to Steemit):

"I can't remember EVER reading one of your columns and feeling confused by what you wrote. [But this column IS confusing."

A partial quote of my reply:

"I try to stick to a standard of 'if the reader is confused, it's the writer who isn't communicating clearly.' That may not be the case with EVERY reader, but it seems like a sound rule of thumb ... especially if the reader is a newspaper editor."

So I guess I may have dropped the ball. If so, I apologize to my readers, and to the increasing number of editors who run my columns in their publications.

On the up side, that number of editors is increasing (I haven't announced the final number of pickups for 2017 yet, for the perfectly good reason that I just provisionally finished counting a few minutes ago, but that number is in excess of my goal of 1000). I'm coming up on 500 Garrison Center op-eds in three years, so I hope the occasional fail is forgivable.

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