Tuesday, January 16, 2018

In Which I Agree That Trump is Not a Racist

Quite a bit of back and forth the last few days (since the "shithole countries" thing) about whether or not US president Donald Trump is a racist. Some say he is, some -- including people who know him -- say he isn't.

I agree that he isn't.

Why? Because his personality seems to be fairly evenly split between narcissism and solipsism. That is, pretty much everything is all about him, one way or another.

Which means that he's unlikely to spend much time thinking about other people at all, let alone waste his energy on worrying about other people's skin color.

Pretty much the only way into his consciousness is for him to notice you either praising him (in which case he thinks you're great, no matter your skin color) or condemning him (in which case he thinks you're bad, no matter your skin color).

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