Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Year!

Yes, I've been mostly gone for the last week. Early on in what most people seem to think of as the "Christmas break" period, I decided to, well, take a break.

Other than short editions of Rational Review News Digest, I relaxed, which frankly I don't do very often. My "time off" this last year has been for political activities, or for travel (mostly related to my father's final illness and death).

I watched movies.

I played online poker (yesterday I played in four tournaments at the Steem Poker League (not an affiliate link) --  took first place in an Omaha tournament and placed in two Texas Hold'em tournaements and crapped out quickly in the third).

I noodled with my musical instruments -- got a shiny new (to me) guitar amplifier for Christmas and enrolled in two Udemy courses (not an affiliate link), one on rockabilly guitar (started that one) and one on harmonica (haven't started yet).

I spent one evening visiting with one of Albert Hofmann's gifts to the world for the first time in a decade.

That kind of thing. It was a nice end to the year, and I expect to re-attack all my usual projects, including this blog and a re-vamped podcast, in 2018.

I hope that 2017 was good to you, and that 2018 is even better. Happy New Year!

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