Friday, August 12, 2016

Ten Political Commentary Web Sites I Visit Every Day

Reader Thane Eichenauer suggested that I do something similar to (or opposite of) what Tom Woods does here.

Well, OK. First, a couple of disclaimers:

  1. Every day, I visit a lot more than ten web sites. But I don't visit all the same web sites every day. It's not that the sites I don't visit every day aren't good. It's that they don't necessarily have significant new content every day (I use Digg Reader to keep track of what's new; nothing new, no visit). These ten sites, I visit at least five, and often seven, days a week because there's almost always new stuff.
  2. These sites are sites which feature political commentary. I visit lots of news sites, social networks, what have you, too. But they're not on this list.
  3. Speaking of other kinds of political commentary sites I visit, I'm leaving out podcasts. That will be another "listicle."
  4. Back to (1) above, because I just feel like it's important: These are not my "10 most favoritest web sites." I love a lot of sites. These are 10 of my favorites that post new content every day or nearly every day and therefore get a visit every day or nearly every day.
OK, are we all set? The list, in alphabetical order: -- OK, so I also work there. But I don't run it, so it's still a site I visit every day, day in, day out, no matter what. It really is, as advertised, "your best source for antiwar news, viewpoints, and activities." New commentary every day, but the highlights are Lucy Steigerwald's irregular columns and Justin Raimondo's thrice-weekly offerings.

The Atlantic -- No, not a libertarian site per se, although there's some content libertarians should like (e.g. Conor Friedersdorf's stuff). Libertarian or not, there's always something interesting. And when it's mainstream left instead of libertarian, it's the kind of mainstream left that Salon and HuffPo would be if Salon and HuffPo weren't a gaggle of worn-out douchenozzle hacks.

Common Sense -- Paul Jacob is an authentic freedom movement hero. He went to jail for resisting draft registration. And while I don't agree with him 100% of the time (by which I mean he is occasionally wrong), his background in time-limited radio commentaries means his stuff is pure educational gold for those of us who need to learn to write well to limited length (like me with my op-eds).

EconLog -- Yes, I'm sure my Austrian friends will be scandalized that the only especially economics-oriented blog on this listicle traffics in heretical public choice and monetarist stuff. Sorry, can't help it. Bryan Caplan is probably the most interesting economist in the blogosphere.

Foundation for Economic Education -- Since emerging from the Dark Ages Skousen era, FEE has been very cool. There's been a recent change-up there that seems to have involved the departure of Max Borders and BK Marcus (both of whom I thought were great) and the arrival of Jeffrey Tucker and Dan Sanchez and others (I like them, too). Anyway, every day, like clockwork. Count on it.

Future of Freedom Foundation
 -- I don't ever miss Jacob Hornberger's blog, which runs new posts daily unless he's traveling or something. The general "articles" page has new content most days as well, on an eclectic mix of subjects by an eclectic mix of authors. Back in the day, FFF's site kept a running list of where its house-produced op-eds had been published. I adapted that idea to set up my own op-ed operations, first at the Center for a Stateless Society and now at the Garrison Center.

Kent's "Hooligan Libertarian" Blog -- Kent McManigal posts new, thoroughly libertarian, and usually thought-provoking, material every day. He also writes a weekly column for the Clovis, New Mexico News Journal.

Living Freedom -- Claire Wolfe recently moved her blog away from Backwoods Home magazine (where it ran for many years and by which she was presumably paid to blog) to its own site and ran a fundraiser to keep it going. Thankfully the fundraiser succeeded. I don't know what the hell I'd do without it. I've been a Claire fan for 20 years.

The Price of Liberty -- Comment kibbitzers here at KN@PPSTER know and love MamaLiberty. TPoL is her blog. When she posts there herself it's usually either fiction or commentaries on self-defense. Good stuff. In between, Nathan Barton (who I actually met once at a Libertarian Party convention) posts daily commentaries on the news. He falls somewhat to my socially conservative side but is always worth a read, so he always gets one.

Reason -- Well, duh. On a good day there will be stuff by JD Tuccille (who's obviously gone much further than I have since we both worked at Free-Market.Net back in the old days), Jesse Walker, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Scott Shackford, et. al. And while I like to poke at Nick Gillespie, him too. And others. Sometimes I love Reason. Sometimes I love to hate Reason. Either way I never miss a day.

So there you go, Thane. I hope you're pleased with yourself. You may have unleashed a listicle monster.

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