Friday, August 12, 2016

Self Steem

I ain't got much. Steem for myself, that is. No, that's not an affiliate link. At least I don't think it is. If you join, you get some "Steem Power" to get you started -- see below -- but I don't think I get anything just for bringing you.

Steem is a cryptocurrency, supposedly with the third largest market cap of any cryptocurrency, behind Bitcoin and Ether, even though it's very new.

The gimmick is that this cryptocurrency is linked to a Reddit-style social network/blogging venue where people are rewarde in it for writing content (if the content becomes popular) and for curating content (deciding what's popular).

I'm a combination of interested, skeptical and confused. I've posted a few things over there, but they haven't been well-regarded enough to produce noticeable accrual of any of the three token types of the cryptocurrency ("Steem,"  "Steem Power,"  or "Steem Dollars").

Greatest idea ever? Valueless scam? Something in between? Discuss, please, especially if you know whereof you speak and/or are very good at communicating the details in basic English to those of us who don't get it (I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that said population encompasses more than just me).

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