Thursday, August 18, 2016

5 Libertarian Podcasts (or Podcastish Hangamajiggers) I Try Not to Miss

If I was Greek, I guess it would be about time to change my name to Listicles. Once again, blame Thane.

Until I started podcasting myself, I really didn't listen to a lot of podcastish hangamajiggers. Not that I didn't like them, but the thing about audio is that it's easy for my attention to wander and hard to remember to press "pause" when that begins to happen. When I'm reading something, I can stop and pick it back up a few minutes later. Audio, harder to do that with. At least for me.

But I'm getting better at adding "listen to audio" to my multi-tasking abilities. In fact, right now I am listening to the first podcastish hangamajigger on my list:

Free Talk Live -- FTL is a podcastish hangamajigger rather than a podcast because it's a real live radio show, too. In fact, a Talkers Magazine top 50 real live radio show that runs on more than 170 real live radio stations. I listen to Free Talk Live every day. But usually not live (its 7-10pm timeframe isn't best for me; I catch the archived recording on SoundCloud the morning after each show). It's the one daily news show in any format that I don't miss. Very libertarian, but also geared to a general audience.

The LAVA Flow Podcast -- I don't miss an episode of The LAVA Flow (or its new, shorter offshoot, The Lava Spurt), either, but that's easier because it's not a daily production. The Flow arrives fortnightly, the Spurt whenever host  Rodger Paxton decides it's time. Both are specifically aimed at libertarians and deliver hardcore, but well-spoken and well-framed, analysis. I am also likely prejudiced toward the Flow/Spurt as a listener not only because I've known Rodger and Jessica Paxton for years and consider them among the finest people on Earth, but because they are from northwestern Arkansas (although they live in New Hampshire now) and I'm from southwestern Missouri (although I live in Florida now), which means Rodger's accent sounds like home.

The Jason Stapleton Program -- I'd have to classify Jason Stapleton as a right-leaning libertarian with radical instincts who knows how to talk about it like a reasonable person. I don't really know Stapleton personally -- I think we've communicated twice, maybe three times -- but he seems like a good egg. US Marine Corps background (IIRC he was Force Recon -- what the Navy's SEALs want to be when they grow up) and apparently he became financially successful as a currencies trader so now he can afford to put on a very well-produced daily show (not saying he doesn't want it to make money -- he obviously does -- but it takes some up-front investment to run the kind of setup and keep the kind of daily routine he seems to manage). I don't manage to catch this one every day, but I do try.

The Beer and Bullshit Show -- I've known and loved Chris and Evonne Bennett since ... heck, 2003? We met because of Aaron Russo's 2004 presidential campaign. The Beer and Bullshit Show -- put on as a Google Hangout that gets archived to YouTube, so definitely podcastish hangamajigger rather than podcast proper -- is, as you might imagine, about beer and bullshit and hanging with friends and talking about stuff. Everyone brings some of their favorite beverages to talk about. Great basis for a show and always fun. I don't catch every episode live or right away (because I miss notifications and only just now thought to, you know, SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL) and haven't been on it as a participant yet despite multiple invitations (because I am a lamer who can't seem to get a cam working right with my Chromebox and no longer really drinks beer but does miss it). But it's on my list of shows I try not to miss. And I know Chris is completely awed by my mad rap skillz and wants me on the show for that reason.

Johnny Rocket Launch Pad -- How did I not know about this show until I noticed a group of people who looked like the greatest psychobilly combo since The Cramps (yes, I still mourn Lux) hanging out at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando, decided that if I stood near them I might enjoy some reflected coolness myself, and discovered they were the JRLP crew? I have no idea. They just put on their 100th episode and I should have discovered them about 99 episodes ago. The show's a guest-centered riot (with a surprisingly high-powered guest list) and you shouldn't miss it like I did.

I decided to save the disclaimer for the end:

No, these are not the only libertarian podcasts or podcastish hangamajiggers I listen to, or even the only ones I listen to regularly or try not to miss. They're just the first five that that popped into my head when I thought "hey, maybe I should do a listicle about five libertarian podcasts or podcastish hangamajiggers that I try not to miss." I could think of five more right now. In fact I am thinking of five more right now. So maybe at some point you will see "5 More Libertarian Podcasts (or Podcastish Hangamajiggers) I try not to miss."

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