Monday, December 07, 2015

Wordpress Bleg

I'm looking for a Wordpress plugin that certainly should exist, but doesn't seem to exist. By which I mean I've searchws high and low on various likely terms and phrases and haven't found anything like it. Maybe one of y'all can help.

The plugin I'm looking for would let me preview pages on my Wordpress site as they will look at some future point in time. So suppose it's 11:30 pm and I have a number of posts scheduled to publish between now and 7am tomorrow. This plugin would let me look at e.g. the front page, the category pages, custom pages I've created, whatever as they will look at 7am tomorrow when those scheduled posts have published.

Or perhaps instead of a plugin, a snippet of PHP I could stick in a page template to fool Wordpress (only for purposes of that page, which wouldn't be publicly visible, rather than site-wide) into thinking that it is a different, later time when it pulls posts to display?

Whether plugin or PHP kludge, this is something I would find very useful and that I suspect other Wordpress site owners would as well. And while I'm obviously not an expert on plugin coding or PHP, it doesn't seem like it should be especially complicated or difficult to create.

Anyone know of anything resembling this?

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