Saturday, December 05, 2015

Renewed Recommendation

A few years ago, I recommended a piece of software for Mac users: CleanMyMac. By way of revising and extending my remarks, I want to RE-recommend not just the software, but the company. Not an affiliate link. I'm recommending because I like, not because it will get me paid.

Yesterday, after learning that I have a new (to me) Mac on the way, my brain spewed up the memory that I had purchased a "lifetime license" for CleanMyMac back in 2012, not long before retiring my old Mac Mini over problems definitely NOT related to it being unclean. So I searched my email archive, found the license acknowledgement, and emailed MacPaw support to find out if that license extended to the later version for the newer machine.

I just had a nice email from Yaroslav Kopylov at MacPaw, with a download link and activation code. So in addition to making great software, MacPaw gives great customer service. They have a variety of offerings, including CleanMyPC for those of you who remain trapped in Windoze hell. I assume it's just as good as CleanMyMac. And CleanMyMac is very good.

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