Sunday, December 20, 2015

The KN@PP Stir Podcast, Episode 59: The Force Dozes, Rolls Over, Wishes You Merry Christmas

This episode of the KN@PP Stir Podcast -- and all episodes through 2016 -- are brought to you by Darryl W. Perry:

In this episode:

  • Hey, what's that beautiful noise?;
  • Thanks For Asking! (Paranoia and Star Wars);
  • My Open Letter to the Libertarian Party on Immigration;
  • The Week in Stupid (More Star Wars Goodness!)

Show links:

  • If you like the new opening jingle and the DJ drops, you can get similar stuff from, respectively, Rob Morris and 10th Tier Media, both accessible via Fiverr (if you sign up with Fiverr via that last link, you get a free $5 "gig" and I get $5 in credit once you've spent $10 ... if you do, of course).
  • If you missed this week's Thanks For Asking! thread, here it is.
  • My "open letter" to the Libertarian Party on immigration is also a petition to the platform committee and delegates. If you agree with me (you can read the whole thing here), why not sign that petition?

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