Thursday, December 10, 2015

Treat Yourself, Treat Me!

A couple of affiliate links, with explanations as to how using them will benefit you and support my work here at KN@PPSTER, at the Garrison Center, and on the KN@PP Stir Podcast ...

At Fiverr, you can get all kinds of things done for $5 (or more -- most "gigs" come with a basic $5 version and "extras" available for additional increments of $5). I've used Fiverr for various things, including the podcast logo and closing credits for audio versions of Garrison Center op-eds. Right now I have two pieces of audio on the way for use on the podcast.

When you join Fiverr via my affiliate link, you get a free $5 gig. And if you eventually spend $10 with them, I get $5 in credit too. Which means I can get more stuff done. Stuff that improves the content I create. [addendum, a couple of hours after posting: I forgot to mention that Fiverr accepts Bitcoin!]

At Purse, you can use Bitcoin to order stuff from Amazon at a discount of 5% (or more!) and get free two-day shipping. I've now placed three orders through Purse, including an order for the pop filter I've used to improve the podcast's sound quality. It works and it works well (Purse, that is, not the pop filter, although that seems to work well too). If you like using Bitcoin and like getting your stuff cheaper and faster, Purse is for you.

When you join through my affiliate link, you get an instant bonus of 10mBTC in your Purse account. And once you've spent Bitcoin through Purse corresponding to $50 USD, I get a 10mBTC bonus, too.

If either of these things meet a need of yours, and if you're not signed up with them yet, I'd much appreciate the opportunity to be your referrer.

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