Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Somewhat Delayed Experiment

I love Doug Scribner's Watch My Bit site. It connects content creators with paying viewers/listeners via Bitcoin micropayments.

My first attempt to publish an episode of the KN@PP Stir Podcast on Watch My Bit failed due to some kind of file compatibility problem. Then I got busy with other things, and only just now got around to a second try, this time converting the MP3 to FLV video and putting the podcast logo in as a thumbnail and video placeholder.

If it's worth 11 cents US in Bitcoin to you, check out Episode 57 of the podcast there. Of course you can always find it free via various services from the podcast's home page. This paid version is for those who want to financially support my work and would rather do so 11 cents at a time, in Bitcoin, rather than through any of the options over in the sidebar.

If the Watch My Bit version gets a paying audience, I'll start posting every episode there. But yes, it will continue to be "free content" for those who don't want to pay, or prefer not to pay in that particular manner.

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