Monday, April 13, 2015

The Eyes Have It, Part 2

A little over a week ago, I mentioned I had purchased new glasses from Eye Buy Direct and that a mini-review would be forthcoming. Well, the glasses are here and I'm a happy camper.

The prescription appears to be correct. The glasses seem to be well made. They fit comfortably, even absent a personal custom fitting. Total cost, including shipping: $11.95 -- and they came in a very nice plastic case, wrapped in a microfiber cleaning cloth.

I've always been a budget-conscious shopper with respect to glasses. Back in St. Louis I went to America's Contacts and Eyeglasses, where an eye exam plus two pairs of basic glasses came to $70 or so. They don't have a location nearby, so now I've found my new provider. I've already ordered a second pair (even cheaper than the first pair by nearly a buck, because I got a coupon code!). I'm sold.

Disclosure: Eye Buy Direct has a referral program. If you buy your glasses from them using my personal coupon code -- IF8W3WE7A1 -- you get 5% off your first purchase and I earn points toward discounts of my own.

Yes, I recommend them. I've already purchased two pairs of glasses from them, so I'm not pitching a pig in a poke at you. If you're a regular KN@PPSTER reader, you probably understand by now that I don't throw stuff at you just for the money; I try to be honest about these things. Eye Buy Direct didn't offer me "review glasses" -- I found themEye Buy Direct didn't give me any kind of special discount that you couldn't have got yourself under the same circumstances -- I just did my research and chose them to try out. I'm glad I did.

BUT! You may not be ready to throw your vision needs at such an inexpensive option without backup, and I understand. But at these prices, why not order your "extra, put'em in the desk in case I lose my main pair" glasses as a way to give Eye Buy Direct a try? I think you'll be glad you did.

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