Saturday, April 18, 2015

Quick Garrison Center Update

Since I've asked KN@PPSTER's readers to support my work for (as?) The William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism, and since you've done so, I'm trying to be fairly regular with updates on what I do with that support.

The first big result of that support is the center's actual "product" -- publication of libertarian op-eds in mainstream and/or non-political media. I'm pleased to report that that's going pretty darn well. In March, we averaged one media pickup of a Garrison op-ed per day, for a total of 31. I just did a quick count for April. It's only the 18th of the month and already I count 25 pickups. My goal by year-end is to be averaging 50 per month, so I'm pleased with the progress.

I've started recording each op-ed as an audio commentary as well. I initially chose to host those at a free Podcast Garden account, but as of today I've moved things over to, which offers free hosting for public domain material (I made a small donation to this wonderful public service -- not for the first time if I recall correctly -- and encourage anyone who cares about preservation of digital material to donate too).

After my first appeal for support for the Garrison Center, someone made a donation in Bitcoin, which came in handy today -- I used it at Fiverr to get a professional "outro" done by Drew Schroeder that I can tack on to the end of each audio reading. This will hopefully also satisfy one commenter (on Facebook, IIRC), who didn't like my little trick of closing out the readings with the Sputnik beeping noise to fix a problem with audio cutoff :D

So, here's what a Garrison audio reading looks/sounds like now:

Thanks to everyone for the moral and financial support -- the Garrison Center seems to be off to a running start!

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