Saturday, April 11, 2015

Beta Test: Wiring the Garrison Center for Sound

Q: How do you get better at something?

A: By doing more of it.

I've always found audio (in particular live radio) very scary, even though I've probably done a hundred radio interviews, podcast guest appearances, etc. One reason I started The KN@PP Stir Podcast was to help me get over that fear. And of course another reason was to get better at doing voice work.

I've had it my head for awhile to take the next step and start producing audio versions of Garrison Center op-eds. Here's the first one, a reading of "Constitutional Convention: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Game" --

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My plan is to throw in the audio version at the bottom of each Garrison op-ed from here on out, at least for awhile to see if anyone likes it.

Same terms as the text, of course -- public domain, free for any and all uses by any and all users. Feel free to embed them on your blog, excerpt them in your own podcasts ... heck, if you do "real" radio, grab a snippet or even a whole reading if you need to fill some dead air.

Of course the readers here at KN@PPSTER are my sounding boards, beta testers, etc. Please let me know what you think. About the idea. About the execution. About any of it!

Update: Thane Eichenauer noted in comments that the audio cuts off a fraction of a second early. I had planned on re-recording the episode, but now I've recorded the SECOND one, and it does the same thing. On review, I see that the recording/file does not cut off, but rather the podcast host (Podcast Garden) is the culprit. I'll be looking into why, and possibly changing hosts.

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