Thursday, April 09, 2015

Catching Up ...

Yes, I've been remiss. I've been missing my goal of at least one blog post per day in April. It's the 9th and this is only the month's seventh post. I'll get right on that.

In the meantime, here's a rundown of goings-on at The Garrison Center:

Today is the 9th of April and so far I count nine "pickups" of Garrison op-eds (and I happen to know a tenth [update, a few minutes after posting -- and an eleventh, in a midwestern state's second largest paper!] is on the way), so we're still on track to match last month's "one pickup per day" average, or maybe even beat it.

If you use Flipboard, you can now grab the Center's op-eds via our Flipboard "magazine."

This month's material so far:

Today's piece is "Constitutional Convention: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Game."

Tuesday's "Note to Media: Please Stop Calling Rand Paul a Libertarian" may have garnered me my biggest US newspaper pickup ever. It's a big one, anyway -- the Des Moines Register. It's not just big because the Register is an objectively pretty big deal as newspapers go, although it is -- daily circulation of about 100k, 200k on Sundays. It's big because the op-ed is about Republican presidential primary politics, because Iowa is Ground Zero for that topic, and because the Register is the de facto state newspaper. But my old friend Jake Porter is trying to change that with his own Iowa Free Press ... and the article is there, too!

Last Sunday's "Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces: The Campus Counter-Revolution" was one of my first uses of my new freedom to gallivant out far to the left of the Center for a Stateless Society's right-deviationist line on those topics.

And then there was April 2nd's "Yes, Mr. Waldman, the Iran Nuclear Negotiations ARE Munich in 1938." No newspaper pickups there yet, but ran it and from there it seems to have done very well in the antiwar blogosphere.

I plan on knocking out an "exclusive" submission today or tomorrow. If the target publication bites, I'm sure I'll share the link with you. If not, it may pop up as a non-exclusive on the Garrison site.

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