Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Woke Up This Morning and I Got Myself a ...

... couple of newspaper pickups for the Garrison Center (one from yesterday in the Batesville, Arkansas Daily Guard and one this morning in the Florence, South Carolina News Journal).

That makes 20 so far in March (that I know of), including two international ones (the Dhaka, Bangladesh New Nation and the Jamaica Observer).

[Update, 8:40am: Make that four pickups found today for a total of 22 for the month so far -- sometimes it takes awhile for stuff to work its way into Google, and I just found Garrison pieces at the University of Indiana Daily Student and the Petersburg, Virginia Progress-Index!]

As I find such pickups, I index them at the bottom of each Garrison op-ed, so you can find them there if you're interested in the particulars.

Here are some of the recent op-eds, for your convenience. Sorry I keep forgetting to link them here as they come out:

The plan is still "three op-eds a week, on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday."

I'm starting to think about regularizing the topics (a "local story" kind of thing on Sunday, a "global interest" piece on Tuesday, and something US-wide and US-based on Thursday; or something like that).

Starting next month I may up the writing quota a bit, but if so it's more likely to involve submitting "exclusives" to larger newspapers than popping more stuff up on the site and sending it every paper in the country or world.

If you're interested in supporting outreach in the form of publication of libertarian op-eds in the "mainstream" media (and non-libertarian political media), see the right sidebar for donation options.

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