Thursday, March 05, 2015

If You're Into Electoral Politics ...

... and if you love freedom, and if you live in Colorado, Nebraska or Kansas, here's a list of politicians whose actions require your attention:

Justin E. Smith is the Sheriff for Larimer County, Colorado.
Chad Day is the Sheriff for Yuma County, Colorado.
Shayne Heap is the Sheriff for Elbert County, Colorado.
Ronald B. Bruce is the Sheriff for Hinsdale County, Colorado
Casey Sheridan is the Sheriff for Kiowa County, Colorado.
Frederick D. McKee is the Sheriff for Delta County, Colorado.
Adam J. Hayward is the Sheriff for Deuel County, Nebraska.
John D. Jenson is the Sheriff for Cheyenne County, Nebraska.
Mark L. Overman is the Sheriff for Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska.
Burton Pianalto is the Sheriff for Sherman County, Kansas.
Charles F. Moser is the County Attorney for the Counties of Sherman, Wallace,
and Greeley in Kansas.
Paul B. Schaub is the County Attorney for the County of Cheyenne, Nebraska.

They're the plaintiffs in a frivolous and malicious lawsuit filed for the purpose of re-criminalizing marijuana in Colorado (I got their names directly from the complaint).

Their decision to sue reveals one or both of two things about them. Either:

  • They don't understand the law (no, the US Constitution doesn't empower the federal government to outlaw marijuana in Colorado), in which case they're too incompetent to be entrusted with enforcement of it; or
  • They don't care about the law and just hate freedom, in which case they're too evil to be entrusted with enforcement of it; or
  • Both.

These knotheads need to be removed from office, pronto, by whatever means available (recall or failure of re-election if they're elected; firing if they're appointed). And they should never, ever, ever be entrusted with any kind of political authority again.

If the infestation is in your neck of the woods, I hope you'll see to its eradication.

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