Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thanks For Asking! -- Week of 3/15-3/21

This week's AMA (and this weekend's podcast) brought to you by Darryl W Perry:

Ask me anything in the comments. I'll answer in the comments, in the upcoming KN@PP Stir Podcast, or both. Only requirement: Try to make it fun, difficult or otherwise interesting!

This week, we already have three questions, which I'll copy here from last week's comment thread, where Thane Eichenauer asked them since I hadn't got around to posting this week's thread yet:

Hello Thomas,
Given your stated desire for more questions and better questions I wonder why you don't post your ask me anything post asking for questions immediately after you post your podcast.
2nd is my question: If you were advising a young (or old) person on his or her college curricula would you generally discourage or encourage that person to take one religious studies course?

3rd: I read about the Yoruba religion in the book God is Not One by Stephen Prothero. Have you heard about it? The author included it as being among the most influential religious on earth. It even managed to score higher in his opinion than the Bahá'í Faith (the religion of both of my parents (and mine for my first two decades on planet Earth). He is the designated professor for the Bahá'í club at Boston University (per the above book).

Thanks for asking! I'll answer in the comment thread (and maybe on the podcast)!

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