Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Idiot Pol Alert

I am not an expert on kratom. I've tried it twice. I decided to try it after reading a testimonial that it produced multi-day pain relief (this was when I still had a problem with chronic back pain). The first time, it produced a short-lived and not especially wild ... well, glow. No hallucinations or anything like that. I did notice that my back stopped hurting for more than a full day. The second time I tried a different brand/concoction and didn't notice any effect at all.

I don't know that kratom is harmless, but from what I've read it's at least not particularly harmful to very many people. A few chronic users may experience some effects that aren't as bad as the effects of chronic alcohol or tobacco use.

Florida state representative Kristin Jacobs wants to ban kratom.

I have a better idea. Why don't Broward County voters ban state representative Kristin Jacobs at their next opportunity?

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