Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm Probably Not the First Person to Say This ...

... but I haven't noticed anyone else saying it.

If Barack Obama wants to save his party's bacon for 2016, he needs to get out in front of this Hillary Clinton email scandal and ask the Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor.

And he needs to do it now so that Clinton doesn't drag out the "I'm still running for president even though I haven't got a chance in hell" business any longer.

A week ago, the Big 2016 Question was "who's going to be the GOP's sacrificial lamb?" And while Clinton was the favorite for the Democratic Party's nomination, that question remained valid even if it so happened that she wasn't destined to be the nominee after all. Just like in 2008.

Now she's like a pig that just escaped its mudhole, got into the house and is running around in a room full of would-be blushing brides all done up in their pretty new white dresses. They need to get her out of there before everyone gets covered in shit and abandoned at the altar.

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