Thursday, May 22, 2014

Two New Pieces at C4SS

First, Space: The Long Arm of the Law Really Isn't That Long. Teaser:

"[T]here is enough wiggle-room in the language of the treaty that spacefaring nations can sign memoranda of understanding with each other to allow specific commercial activities," writes Koebler. But there's a lot more wiggle room in space itself to get away from nation-state memoranda and corporate "human resource" policies.

It's likely that both Earthbound nation-states and corporations will encourage the populations of habitations far from Earth to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible. It's neither cheap nor trivial to ferry people and supplies back and forth between Earth and low orbit or the Moon, let alone Mars or the moons of Jupiter or Saturn.

And the instant those off-world habitations are self-sufficient -- that is, once they are capable of providing their own shelter, air and air pressure, food and water without depending on the long and tenuous tether to Earth -- odds are they will begin to feel limited (at MOST) obligations to their previous nation-states or corporate bosses and will start doing ... well, whatever they damn well please.

Second, Guns: Out of the Bottle, Like it or Not. Teaser:

It's time to repeat, with emphasis, what Cody Wilson told the world a year ago when he rolled the Liberator out:

"Gun control" is over.

It's done.

It's as dead as music copyright, and for the same reason: Advancing technology has taken the matter out of the hands of government regulators and their privileged industry monopolists.

Nobody has to like it.

That's how it is whether anyone likes it or not.

Personally, I like it.


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