Friday, May 23, 2014

BTC Bleg

I need some Bitcoin.

I don't need a lot of Bitcoin -- even an amount that translates into a few pennies in US currency will suffice.

Why don't I have any Bitcoin? Because I was dumb enough to leave what little I had sitting in a MtGox wallet and it disappeared when MtGox did. I haven't purchased or otherwise received any since. If I needed a significant amount, I'd go buy some, but I don't need a significant amount. Something like 0.0002 BTC should be plenty.

Why do I need it? I want to race it into, around and out of a new track -- the Dark Wallet alpha -- just to assure myself that said track is sound (so far as an alpha release can be expected to be sound) before I do some writing that refers to it.

And no, I'm not content to just use the Testnet coins. I've already used the Testnet coins. Interesting, but if I haven't tested it with real BTC, I haven't tested it.

My little "tip me with Bitcoin" widget is over in the right sidebar. Thanks in advance.

Update: Someone hooked me up. Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm an idiot and hadn't noticed before that the online wallet I use since MtGox went tits up (BTC-E) has a 0.01 BTC withdrawal minimum, so I can't do the things I want to do. Guess my writing on Dark Wallet will just have to be of the "it's in alpha and looks promising" variety instead of "intrepid crypto-currency user tests it out for you" variety."

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