Friday, May 09, 2014

Craigslist Car Peeve

So we're looking at cars, and Craigslist is generally touted as the way to go. Lots of good deals there, etc. Unfortunately, one out of 10 or so goes something like this:

GREAT CAR! New tires, cold A/C, recently had timing belt and ball joints replaced! Gets INSANE gas mileage! This is definitely a PRIMO daily driver!

[Insert another 100-500 words about how freaking great this car is]

Doesn't run, will need trailer or tow.

About another 1 in 10 substitute something along the lines of this for that last part:

And cheap! It's only ten years old and I'm pricing it to sell -- at least $50 less than you'd pay an authorized dealer for this year's model!

The other 8 out of 10 are reasonable, if you can actually reach the owner, which about half the time you can't and the other half of the time you do only to be told that the car sold 20 minutes before you called.

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