Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Like Fish in a Barrel ...

... only not.

It's "potatoes in a barrel" (actually in a plastic storage box that had a hole in it anyway, so I put a few more for drainage). I had a few extra red taters left when we bought a 5-pound bag for a big (Thanksgiving) meal, so I set them aside over the winter to sprout "eyes" and started them a few weeks ago.

If it works out at all well, I'll save most of this crop and do a bigger one -- either in multiple barrels or in traditional rows in the ground -- this fall. I think I could easily get two crops, maybe three, in per year. Not sure how they'd weather the two months when it sometimes freezes, and not sure how well they'd do in the heat of summer, but I'm pretty certain they'll be just fine in the spring and in the fall.

We like potatoes -- and even potatoes, which used to be about as cheap as it was possible for food to be, seem way too expensive to me these days. Of the things I'd like to grow for our table, they top the list. So I guess we'll see how it goes.

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