Friday, May 02, 2014

An Uncharacteristically Thoughtful Piece

From Maggie Gallagher [hat tip, even though I find the commentary uncharitable -- Steveningen at Daily Kos]. Read the whole thing, but this is the part that I found most moving:

Whatever we do, and whatever we say, we have to be willing to say it, as if to a beloved child of our own family, coming to us with a loving gay marriage.

There is no line we can draw that pushes gay people "outside" and leaves us free "inside" to be angry, foot-stomping, and morally "pure."

How do I disagree with Mary Gallagher? Let me count the ways. Or how about not? Just consider it said that I'm obviously never going to agree with her on significant matters regarding marriage and family.

She obviously hasn't changed her mind about what's right and wrong in America on those subjects, nor would I expect her to providing that her convictions are honestly held (and I think they are).

But she's recognized that events have passed her policy position by, and she seems here to be forswearing bitterness, spitefulness and hate.

A lot of us, me included, would do well to follow that example -- even when we're right.

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