Sunday, February 16, 2014

W00T! Schism!

I have decided to create discovered a new schism in left-libertarianism.

In honor of said schism, I hereby designate myself a "paleo-left-libertarian" (because I'm "Old Left," hearkening back to the libertarian class analysis of Say, Comte and Dunoyer before Marx took it and ran in the wrong direction with it).

As a paleo-left-libertarian, I denounce the attempted introduction of the postmodernist/Critical Theory malformation of the concept of "privilege" into libertarian class analysis.

Yes, there is such a thing as privilege.

Yes, privilege in the context of politics is an indicator of abusive power relationships.

However, "privilege" as it is used in pomo/CR isn't the reasonable concept as used elsewhere. In pomo/CR, "privilege" is a rhetorical tool with a specific purpose: To manufacture new classes and class enemies on demand and from whole cloth, pursuant to the demands of the "identity politics" arms race.

I hereby denounce my opponents on this subject as "cosmo-left-libertarians" (because I strongly suspect that at least some of them have been known to drink vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice all mixed together in the same glass).

[Addendum/Note to Self: I should probably add use of the Oxford Comma to the list of cosmo-left-libertarian heresies I'll be compiling]

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