Saturday, February 15, 2014

Statistics Discrepancies

Like most self-important, insecure bloggers, I keep an eye on the statistics relating to visits and visitors at KN@PPSTER. It's nice to have an idea of how many people drop by, what they read while they're here, etc.

Problem is, I have two sets of such statistics:

  • A subset of Google Analytics, which happens to be conveniently built in to the Blogspot dashboard; and
  • Sitemeter, which I've been using since well before Google Analytics got built in to the Blogspot dashboard.
Those two sets of statistics tell me very different stories.

According to Google Analytics, KN@PPSTER received 12,660 page views in January.

According to Sitemeter, KN@PPSTER received 43,327 page views in January.

One of these numbers is very much not like the other.

Does anyone know of a good reason for that kind of discrepancy, or have an informed opinion as to which count is more accurate?

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