Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's Complicated.

But it doesn't have to be.

Every time a bunch of motivated activists with their hearts in the right place put together an "Internet-wide event," two things happen:

  • They come up with some code that you can "simply paste into your site template" to make your site show the flag on Der Tag; and
  • That code (often in several versions) works in some places, doesn't work in other places, and wreaks havoc in yet other places.

For example, in a chat I'm having right now, someone who shall not be named at a site that shall not be mentioned says:

Last night ... the day we fight back managed to swallow most of [the site's] layout

Now it just so happens that I think The Day We Fight Back is a great idea.

And I greatly appreciate all the hard work volunteers went to to provide drop-in code, a "One-Click CloudFlare App," a "WordPress Plugin," a "Drupal 7.x Plugin," a "Joomla Plugin," a "SubReddit Plugin" and a "Concrete5 Plugin."

But for the love of God, why don't these events ever offer a simple "right-click-and-save this here graphic and put it on your site any old way that works for you" option?

It's like they built an entire new, single-day use on-ramp system to the Information Superhighway, but couldn't paint a simple yellow line down the middle of the road for us idiots.

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