Monday, February 24, 2014

OK, it's Starting to be an Emergency.

I love living in Gainesville, Florida. Love it. LLLLLLLLOOOOOVE it. Pretty much everything about it is great.

Except that I can't seem to find Springfield-style cashew chicken anywhere in the area.

There's plenty of good food.

There's plenty of good Asian-American food.

But no Springfield-style cashew chicken.

If you don't know what Springfield-style cashew chicken is, I encourage you to not find out, because if you do find out you will spend the rest of your life craving it at inopportune moments and apparently it's really not very available outside of, say, a 150-mile radius around Springfield, Missouri, and there is just no acceptable substitute.

If you don't know what Springfield-style cashew chicken is and really think you must know, here's a quote from my Yelp review of a St. Louis restaurant that offers it:

Springfield-style cashew chicken is breaded, deep-fried chicken served with chopped green onions and cashews in "oyster sauce" -- a sort of brown gravyish substance that doesn't taste at all like oysters.

Do any Gainesvilleian or other Floridian readers know of any place within a 100-mile or so radius that serves it? I'm getting close to desperate enough to try making it myself, and I can't see that turning out well.
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