Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In Which I #standwithkatyperry

Can't say as I've ever been a big fan. But since 30,000+ whiny Islamists are against her, how can I not be for her?

The story: Her latest video includes a scene in which a guy wearing a bunch of bling, including a necklace fashioned in Arabic script to form the word "Allah," gets vaporized by a she-goddess Katy.

So now there's a petition asking YouTube to ban the video as "blasphemous."

How's this: When I see 30,000 Muslim signatures on a petition to Boko Haram to stop murdering Nigerian school-children, I'll reconsider just how sensitive I should be to Muslim "blasphemy" concerns.

Until then, enjoy the video ...

Update, 02/27/14: Per the Jerusalem Post, YouTube has airbrushed out the "offending" symbol in the video. There are some blogosphere claims that Perry herself was behind the change, but those claims are from highly unreliable sources (Pamela Geller via Eric Dondero) -- I've been unable to find any statement on the subject from Perry or from anyone claiming to represent Perry. Developing ...

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