Saturday, November 05, 2011

Total Dick Moves @ OccupyDC

You know that old Lefty protest chant, "the world is watching?" If it's true, is this really what you want to show them?

The capering, howling authoritarian in black at the beginning, jumping between reporter and prospective interviewees and ordering them to say notheenk, establishes that some kind of internal discipline, official or otherwise, exists and is at least tolerated if not always adhered to. That being the case, some of his co-protesters need to apply said discipline to him. I suggest that a swirlie in the nearest toilet might open the lines of communication in getting a "knock that kind of bullshit off, comrade" message through to him.

I'm sure some will argue the video has been edited to twist context. If that's true, well, I saw other cameras present, and if someone produces a differently contextualized version I'll be glad to embed it in this post as well. Unless such a video exists and is very persuasive, though, I'd say Occupy DC just gave itself and the entire Occupy movement a black eye.

h/t: The Other McCain
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