Monday, April 27, 2009

Speechifying: R. Lee Wrights in Knoxville

The Libertarian Party of Tennessee had their 2009 state convention this last weekend in Knoxville. Tennessee puts on a great convention -- I've been to a few of them -- and I wish I could have made it to this one.

R. Lee Wrights, at-large member of the Libertarian National Committee, did make it to Knoxville. Here's his speech, which addresses the ongoing attempt of a rebel cabal on the LNC to illicitly remove him from the committee. It's audio only, courtesy of Allan Wallace. I understand that there may be a video version coming as well from another attendee, but this will do just fine for now:

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If you were a 2008 national convention delegate (an actually credentialed one, i.e. one who went to Denver and was seated), please sign the delegate appeal to the Judicial Committee to suppress the cabal's attempted coup. If you're a sustaining member of the national Libertarian Party, please sign the membership appeal. If you were a delegate and are a sustaining member, please sign both. It's your party -- defend it!

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