Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Big Red Machine for President?

I don't know why it never occurred to me before: Glenn Jacobs, a/k/a "Kane" to wrestling fans, for President?

Jacobs's name appears in the "field" in the latest round of polling at lp-discuss. Someone who will remain nameless except to say that her initials are Susan Hogarth has been thinking about this more clearly than I have.

I was privileged to meet Mr. Jacobs last May at the Libertarian Party's national convention. Very personable guy. Obviously large and muscular, with definite presence -- but not personally imposing in any kind of bad or threatening way (unless he wants to be, of course). I didn't know he was "Kane" until R. Lee Wrights, who introduced us, clued me in. He said he reads KN@PPSTER. I suspect he was just being polite.

Intelligent? Yep! Persuasive public speaker? Yep! Libertarian? Most definitely. Here he is (if the embed works -- either way, see the original article at Homeland Stupidity) addressing the New Hampshire Liberty Forum:

The guy can speechify. He knows his stuff. And there might just be a tombstone piledriver in your future if you're not paying attention. What's not to like?

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