Friday, April 24, 2009

Inside baseball

For the long versions, see:

Independent Political Report: Here, here, here and here.

Idaho Libertarian Times: Here.

Liberty For All: Here and here.

Short version:

- The secretary of the Libertarian National Committee, acting on behalf of an internal LNC cabal fast developing a reputation for this kind of weird shit, has attempted to unilaterally remove an at-large representative from the committee, even though the bylaws governing the committee's operations clearly require a 2/3 vote of the committee to remove one of its members.

- The chair of the LNC is actively supporting the cabal's rebellion against the Libertarian Party with parliamentary rulings intended to suppress operation of the bylaws in favor of the cabal's writ. Therefore the fight to suppress the rebellion must now be conducted by appeal to the party's Judicial Committee.

- An appeal requires petition signatures from 10% of credentialed delegates to the last Libertarian National Convention (if that's you, click here to sign said petition), or 1% of sustaining members of the Libertarian Party (here's that petition).

If you're both a sustaining member of the LP and were a credentialed 2008 national convention delegate, you can sign both petitions.

Do the right thing.

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