Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Where's Tom?

The campaign calendar is starting to come together a bit. Here are some places I expect to be -- and hope to meet you -- over the course of the next year or so. I'll update and/or replace this post as necessary.

- 04/15/09: St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party. With other St. Louis area Libertarians, I'll be participating in this protest against Washington DC's fiscal irresponsibility. 6:30 pm at Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis.

- 04/18/09: Libertarian Party of Missouri, 2009 State Convention, Jefferson City, Missouri. I'll be attending this event as an LPMO member. I'm not, as of this time, scheduled as a speaker. I'm looking into the possibility of hosting a Saturday-night hospitality suite.

- 05/30/09-05/31/09: Boston Tea Party "Meatspace Gathering", Kansas City. I'm a scheduled speaker at this one. Details TBA.

- 07/18/09-07/19/09: Libertarian National Committee meeting, Renaissance St. Louis Grand & Suites Hotel, St. Louis, MO. I am not a scheduled speaker at this time, but look forward to meeting Libertarians from around the US who attend to observe and/or participate in their party's national committee business sessions.

- 10/23/09-10/25/09: Libertarian Party of Illinois, 2009 State Convention, Collinsville, IL. I'm not a scheduled speaker at this time, but plan to attend. Hospitality suite and other details TBD.

- 05/28/10-05/31/10: Libertarian National Convention 2010, Renaissance St. Louis Grand & Suites Hotel, St. Louis, MO. I anticipate attending as a Missouri delegate, as well as hosting hospitality/campaign events.

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