Sunday, April 05, 2009

New LP straw polls

The second round of straw polls for Libertarian National Committee chair and 2012 Libertarian presidential nominee are up at

I'm pretty sure that lp-discuss webmistress Susan Hogarth intends to settle into a pattern of weekly polling rounds with variable matchups beyond "field preference." Interestingly, this round puts me up against an opponent in one of the "head to head" questions.

Please vote -- whether you vote for me or not -- and please ask other L/libertarians you know to vote as well. These polls aren't scientific and aren't magically going to become scientific, but more participation should increase the seriousness with which the results can be reasonably taken (among other things it takes more effort to stuff a poll with lots of legitimate participants).

For those who care one way or another about my own prospects, I placed fourth, with 11.59%, in the first round of presidential nomination polling.

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